Medical Coding and
Billing Services

Medical Coding Billing

Medical Coding and Billing Services

A medical coding & billing service is the doctor’s key to getting paid. Even though it is most basic and important activity of any practice, most doctors and healthcare providers have no idea how to get themselves paid quickly and efficiently, if at all—either by insurers or by patients. Most doctors do not take into considerations that efficient billing services requires up-to-date knowledge with ever changing coding regulations and practices. For doctor to get paid correctly, bills must be generated with most appropriate codes for the services rendered and should be timely submitted taking date of services into consideration.

To make matters worse, private, and government-administered insurance companies, HMOs, PPOs, etc have various types of plans with varied Co-pay, Deductible, out-of-Pocket Maximums, Co-Insurance, primary & secondary insurance, etc. that makes getting re-imbursed very complicated and lengthy process. Moreover, it is observed that once the bills are sent by the billers, there is hardly any follow-up by the billers, leading to large accounts receivable mostly due partial payments or pending patient amounts.

Doctors, once the centre of healthcare world, are finding it almost impossible to keep up with their payments leading to lower profits and even losses. But not to worry, Guhilot’s end-to-end Medical Coding & Billing Services can help you navigate this maze with ease. With large pool of certified medical coding & billing executives, Accounts receivable executives, latest software’s & technology solutions, and mature processes, we will help get you paid correctly and on time leading higher profits almost immediately.

What We Offer

Certified Medical Coders Billers Certified Medical Coders & Billers

We have large pool of medical coders and billers who are AAPC certified. We give very high importance to updating the knowledge of our billers on a regular basis, so you always get the best trained professional

Expertise in Leading Billing Software Expertise in Leading Billing Software

Our team has expertise is all leading medical billing software’s, so you do not have to change anything on your end.

Wide Industry Experience Wide Industry Experience

Our team have worked with all major specialities in the healthcare industry and all leading insurance companies.

Flexible Contracts Flexible Contracts

You can engage our services from anywhere from 1 month to a year as per your convenience.

Medical Billing Focused Call Centers Medical Billing Focused Call Centers

We have a trained medical billing calling agents who have expertise in following out with insurance companies and patients for bill payments.

Electronic Manual Claim Submission Electronic & Manual Claim Submission

We have the capability to submit your claims electronically or manual as the need maybe.

Our Process

Guhilot provides end-to-end Medical Coding and Billing services. Our services can be availed starting from fixing patient appointments to all the way up to insurance/patient payment collection. Pl. find below an illustration showing the medical coding and billing services we provide for our clients.

Medical Coding Billing Flowchart

How You Benefit

Reduce Medical Billing Rates Reduce Medical Billing Rates

Our services are in general 40% lower than comparable service in your local area. Call us to find out.

Timely Billing Timely Billing

We have large pool of medical billers who will ensure coding & billing is done on the same day even if you have large numbers of bills on any specific day.

Accurate Billing Accurate Billing

We aim to accurately bill in the first billing cycle itself. This is achieved by us through understanding of the payer contracts and knowledge of best medical billing practices. Our coders have vast experience working with all large insurance companies in the US.

Fast Denial Management Fast Denial Management

We respond to all your denials/rejections within 24hours. We have a dedicated team of denial management experts who ensure all queries are immediately answered and followed-up till you get paid correctly.

Reduce Bad Debts Reduce Bad Debts

With our proven processes and systems, that we will be able to reduce the Accounts receivable to less than 45 days within first month of engaging our services. This will help increase your cash flow and reduce your bad debts immediately.

Flexible Contracts Flexible Contracts

We have very flexible short term and long-term contracts to offer you complete freedom in using our services. In addition to the duration, our payment terms are also very flexible to enable you to be always in complete control.

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