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Revenue Cycle management is a very complex and laborious process and if not done correctly, directly affects the financial well being of your practice. Also, it is necessary to perform these services on are regular basis without any break. It needs to be done correctly firsttime every time. Coding mistakes costs the organization lot of money and regulatory compliance issues. This also leads to lower satisfactory levels of your patient thereby affect the reputation of your practice in the long run.Moreover, steps involved are hard to manage especially the medical coding, multiple payer contracts enforceability and AR. To compound matter there is regular staff turnover which leads to backlog and huge AR that becomes impossible to resolve as it goes beyond 90 days.

That is why we recommend outsourcing our billing requirements to partners like us. We are focused and certified group of medical billers and AR executives who are trained to cater to all your needs on a consistent basis.We pride ourselves in helping our customer achieve higher profit margins from very first month of engaging our services. We assure you as a clinic,physician or a hospital receive the maximum revenue approved in the shortest time.Our all-inclusive revenue cycle management solutions have been in use and perfected for over a decade to ensure your start seeing results from the first month itself.

We offer in RCM

Guhilot is one of the leading Healthcare company focusing on medical billing services. We have multiple on-Shore and off shore presence to ensure comprehensive account receivable services that can MAXIMIZE revenue for your medical practice.

Guhilot Experienced Staff Experienced Staff

Our staff has decades of experience working medical billing services. We regularly hire and train professionals who get themselves certified before they work with any of customers.

reduced account receivable Reduced AR

We have access to the most updated reference material from WPC-EDI, CMS, internal data base and other sources.

Access to latest information Access to latest information

We have trained AR team to ensure your AR’s are reduced by 50% in the first few months of engaging our services. After which we ensure that it stays under 45days aging at all times.

revenue cycle management Expertise leading billing software Expertise leading billing software

Our Staff has worked on all leading billing software to ensure that you do not have to change anything at your end.

Guhilot revenue cycle management Wide Industry experience Team Wide Industry experience

Our teams have extensive experience working various specialties. This ensure the billing is done correctly the first-time claims is sent.

AR Calling Team

WE have trained AR team to ensure that we monitor and track each and every claim for earliest resolution and ensure maximum revenue generation.

revenue cycle management Flexible Engagement Models Flexible Engagement Models

Our Revenue cycle management contracts can be short-term and long-term. You have the flexibility to switch between them and also between your staff and ours. We are very flexible in our engagement models so you stay in control all the time.

Our Process

Our RCM Services includes all the administrative and clinical functions that contribute RCM process. Some of the steps followed by our services are mentioned below.


Eligibility Verification

Eligibility check done before the patient reaches the office


Charge Posting

Charge Posting from superbills on the same day of patient visit


Clearing House Denial

All electronically rejected claims are worked on the same day of the submission


Payment Posting

Get the paper EOB's as well as the electronic ERA's posted on the same day


Denial Management

Any rejections received in EOB's or ERA's are work on the day we receive them

Guhilot revenue cycle management Secondary Billing Process

Secondary Billing

Claims to be submitted to secondary insurances as soon as the EOB/ERA is received


Accounts Receivable

Aged claims are worked on regular intervals to boost up the revenue


Patient Billing

Bill patients for their balances and post patient payments. Follow up with patients for balances

We provide reports & analysis based on the clients’ needs. We also have standards reports which include:


How You Benefit

AR below 45 Days

We strive to keep the AR aging to be low 45days at all times.

Regulatory Compliance

We keep track of any regulatory changes that may happen over the year to ensure that your are at the forefront all important changes.

Affordable Rates

WE offer very competitive rates.

Greater Control

When you outsource your revenue cycle management work you will have greater control, as you no longer have to worry about staff turnover. With our flexible and transparent engagement model, you will enjoy complete control over the process at all times.

Data Analytics

We provider detailed reports that show your performance on a regular basis. These help you keep track of your finances at all times. Some of the reports we have are AR Aging, Top Carrier/Insurance, Key Performance Indicators(Like total encounters, total procedures, total charge, total collection, outstanding AR’s etc).

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