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DME Billing Services

We have an expertise in providing end to end process for DME vendors which help them streamline their order-to-cash processes, Efficient Delivery and high customer satisfaction while maintaining high Quality Standards. We have a blend of technical and analytical capabilities that facilitates the customer to ensure smooth and timely delivery at all times. We work closely with our partner DME vendors to perform operational activities right from receipt of Authorization requests and other documents from payers, medical groups, hospitals and Medical Offices, insurance verification, order processing and other related activities till the delivery of equipment. We have a deep insight of all DME products including but not limited to Routine DME, Respiratory Therapy, Oxygen supplies, Custom and power mobility, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Enteral Nutrition, Wound Care, Incontinence supplies, Infusion therapy and other miscellaneous DME products.

We work hand-in-hand with health plans, managed care organizations,doctors, hospitals and hospice agencies to help create a positive experience in delivering quality homecare equipment and services to the patients they care for. Our unique approach to customer service, combined with our cutting-edge technology knowledge gives us the ability to assist our partners with achieving timely and improved outcomes. Our fast response times and clear communication channels consistently achieve superior patient satisfaction results.

What We Offer to DME Vendors


Our Area Of Expertise

We cover almost all types of durable medical equipment’s but not limited to list mentioned below. Our service locations are spread across California ensuring quick and timely deliveries.

The team has extensive experience servicing respiratory therapy equipment and products for respiratory conditions, including but not limited to, sleep apnea, asthma, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, COPD and more… With the most leading-edge technology and treatments,we are able to help improve the overall wellness and quality of life for our patients living with respiratory issues.Our clinical team of respiratory therapists help each patient achieve optimal respiratory therapy results by creating a therapy plan,providing the proper equipment, setting up of the equipment, and continuous support and education, giving our patients and their careteam a distinct advantage in monitoring and measuring treatment progress.
Our staff deals with all types of Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies includes but are not limited to Patient Room Home Equipment, including beds, lifts and bathroom safety products;Mobility Assistance, including custom, powered and manual wheelchairs; Respiratory Therapies and Oxygen; Home Therapy Equipment including negative pressure wound therapy and lymphedema pumps; Orthotics and Prosthetics; comfort aid products.We work hand-in-hand with patients' doctors and insurance plans to determine all the requirements that help us identify the right products for the patient's individual needs. We strive to provide safe and easy-to-use products for our patients. Our skilled Patient Service Technicians work with our patients to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of their equipment and to answer whatever questions or concerns they might have 24/7.
Our team has experience in Disposable Medical Supplies that includes Urological Supplies, including catheter systems and drainage bags; Incontinence Products such as diapers and incontinence accessories; Diabetic Supplies, including glucometers, insulin pens and diabetic testing supplies; Ostomy Care Products such as barrier systems, drainable and closed ostomy systems, and pediatric ostomy systems; Wound Care including bandages, cleansers, gloves,adhesives and more; and Enteral Nutrition including formulas and feeding pumps and supplies; and much more… We provide the best possible customer service to our patients from the moment their doctor prescribes their Disposable Medical Supply, through selecting the best product for their individual needs, and with every delivery thereafter. Our streamlined, user-friendly re-order process enables patients to receive their reoccurring orders efficiently and without delay. Our customer-focused Patient Service Technicians combined with our innovative technology allow us to meet quick turn-around times and provide superior care.
We understand the importance of comfortable fit of a prosthetic or orthotic. Our skilled prosthetic and orthotic technicians strive to find the best solution for each patient to increase their mobility and overall well-being. We work closely with patients’ doctors and insurance plans to determine all the requirements that help us identify the right prosthetic or orthotic for the patient’s body.Our team has experience working with full range of services offering services in the comfort of our patient’s home that includes Evaluations, Castings, Fittings, Delivery, Repairs and Adjustments &Follow Up Appointments
we understand that certain medical conditions make it challenging for individuals to eat or absorb all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. For patients who are unable to receive nutrients by mouth but do have functioning digestive tracts, We offers enteral nutrition(tube feeding) services. We are committed to providing the highest quality services for our patients no matter their diagnosis or treatment plan. We work closely with patients’ doctors and insurance plans to find the best formula available to meet their needs while also considering the most cost-effective option.Services we provide Includes, Supplemental Nutrition, Infant Formula, Hypoallergenic Formula, Specialty Formula, IV Pumps,Feeding Bags, Gravity Supplies, IV Poles, G tubes, Bolus Feeding Supplies, Irrigation Syringes & Extension Sets.
We offer extensive custom rehab and power mobility solutions.We work closely with patients’ doctors and insurance plans to determine all the requirements that help us identify the right power mobility equipment for their specific needs.Our dedicated team of trained wheelchair technicians provide customized, extensive patient evaluations and support. We are available to help patients with repairs of the equipment should problems arise– from tire changes to battery replacements to electronic repairs, we are available to ensure that your wheelchair is functioning properly.

How You Benefit

Reduced DME Administrations Costs Reduced Administrations Costs

Our global presence ensures efficient Utilization of resources to reduce your cost by over 50%.

Expert DME Customer Support Expert DME Customer Support

With our years of experience working with DME companies, we understand a wide variety of DME Equipment and supplies to provide effective and efficient customer support.

DME 24x7 Support 24×7 Customer Support

Our global presence ensures efficient Utilization of resources to reduce your cost by over 50%.

DME Quick Turn Around time Quick Turn Around time

With our always available customer support team, we ensure that STAT order attended to immediately.

DME No Staff Turn-Over Benefit No Staff Turn-Over

By partnering with us you can forget the staff hiring, training and performance issues to us. We offer a complete peace of mind from employee issues.

DME Active Monitoring Active Monitoring

We work closely with you to develop a care plan to evaluate the progress and address any issue immediately.

DME Platform Expertise DME Platform Expertise

Our staff has experience working on mostpopular DME platforms to ensure quick and flexible engagement models.

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