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Healthcare Quality Measures Solutions Services

In order to improve the quality of healthcare, there are various government sponsored quality programs that help to measure and report the levels of healthcare services. Healthcare Quality measures is one of the most widely used performance improvement tools. More than 190 million people—over half of the USA’s population—is enrolled in health plans that report quality results using one of Healthcare Quality measures.

Americans receive better care and can lead healthier lives thanks to the accountability and benchmarking that Healthcare Quality measures makes possible. Health plans that want to acquire accreditation through Healthcare Quality measures are required to gather data about patient care, organise it into specific measures defined by the government and determine if specific criteria for Healthcare Quality measures have been met. Guhilot Health’s Healthcare Quality measures Review process is designed to optimize the time and resources spent on chart review and organize the records and results in a meaningful and effective manner.

What We Offer in Healthcare Quality Measures Solutions

We provide groups a comprehensive Healthcare Quality measures abstraction and reporting services that works closely with your provider network to ensure 100% compliance in report with all the applicable quality measures.

HEDIS reporting data Data collection

We collect data from various sources like claims, EHR’s,Charts, Lab reports, prescriptions etc to bring all information together.

HEDIS Data Analysis Data Analysis

We do a detailed data analysis of data collected.

HEDIS Data Reporting Data Reporting

Timely reporting of codes extracted is crucial to ensure compliance. We ensure the data is collected and report in the format required.

HEDIS Care Identification Care Gaps Identification and Closing

Identify your members’ gaps, and launch targeted campaigns that include Health Risk Assessments, Chart Retrieval and Abstraction, Provider Attestation Letters — we customize your campaigns to ensure maximum gap closure.

HEDIS Member Outreach program Member Outreach program

For areas where the measure is not complaint, we detail the report member and provider wise to give you actionable reports. We go a step further to help you schedule appointment of members as needed to record the encounter to record and reports the codes.

Stars/HEDIS Education Stars/Healthcare Quality Measures Education

We have regular training program for provider office to ensure they stay current as per the latest requirements for reporting.

HEDIS reporting data Periodic reporting and data transparency

Track the abstraction progress and quality compliance achievement in real-time.

How We Do It

Expert Teams

Our teams have been working with various govt sponsored Healthcare Quality measures programs over the years. We have developed proprietary systems and processes that ensure detailed collection and report of Healthcare Quality measures accurately and easily

Medical Record Retrieval

We manage the entire record collection process from fax notification and follow-up calls to collecting and indexing records for review. Once collected, all records are made available on our secure web portal that provides powerful search and review functionality to our clients. Supported MRR Methods

Reports with Actionable steps

We at Guhilot generate customized reports, these reports can be further grilled down to take actionable steps for

How You Benefit

360 degree view of Healthcare Quality Measure compliance

Allows users to define, modify, test and manage custom measures/reports, over and above the existing library of pre-configured Healthcare Quality measures.

Maintaining good provider relationships

Reduce provider abrasion through active feedback on opportunities for improvement in quality of care through systematic approach.

Monthly analysis of Healthcare Quality Measures scores

We collate data from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of the data submission to ensure you do not miss any opportunity.

Member outreach programs

We have very effective member outreach program that targets to close gaps in care.

Ease of Data Collection

Access records efficiently from multiple sources and systems, minimizing provider abrasion. Our teams have experience working with leading industry electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Effectively Documentation

We ensure that documentation supports 100% of the Healthcare Quality Measure extracted and reported to ensure you are covered for audit that may arise.

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